Sunday, October 17, 2010

Art Musuem

The photo on the bottom right appears to be taken in front of the Art Museum on the Philadelphia parkway. I was also excited to see an old fashioned car, which is really telling of the time period (I believe 1905's). As for the top photographs, I think they are older and am up for any input.

These pictures show the style at the time- long dresses and coats which fall mid calf. In my opinion this is a very flattering and sophisticated length. Interestingly enough, we are seeing these lengths on the hit series Mad Men, which has been able to influence high fashion and thus current runway looks. In addition, it reinforces the vintage trend, one which I think, is here to stay. Overall, it is exciting and promising, for designers and artisans, that modern pop culture and/or urban culture has the ability to influence high fashion.

Also note the delicate accessories: furs, hats, bags and white gloves.

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