Monday, January 3, 2011

1940's Jackets

Not the greatest photos, but I'm still very excited! I am fortunate, and lucky enough to have my sister's mother-in-law in my life. She is the most generous person I know and is a true delight to be around. To top it off she has a dynamite eye for fashion (and the arts) and is the proud owner of a vintage clothing store in Connecticut, called Grape In The Shade.

Picture above are two jackets from the 1940's. As a thrift store queen, I am more than happy to receive true vintage pieces of fashion. We are talking WWII era, 70 years ago, before my parents were born! There is a feeling of owning the past when you have an item that reaches back before 1960's. How different styles were! Here I am picking through 80's, occasional 70's rare 60's and virtually no 50's clothing in the thrift store.

All I can hope is that everyone else, in some shape or form, will be as blessed as I am to receive these gifts, at some point in their life. Happy New Year!

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